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Jonas and Jacinta

Web series in post production

Written by Mathias Triggs

'None of us can maintain lasting romantic relationships, but it's not for a lack of trying.'

Jonas and Jacinta who are best friends in their thirties, are helping organise their friend Ben’s extravagant wedding. The happy couple are throwing a Drag themed wedding, which is problematic as the heterosexual couple are seen as appropriating Queer Culture. Jonas and Jacinta who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, would love to support their friends, however have their own drama to deal with. As Jonas and Jacinta explore this along the way, a few laughs and tears are shed as is to be expected with any impending wedding. With perhaps the most important question yet to be answered, who will look the best dressed during the nuptials?

Rings on Display


TV Pilot in development


by Carly Jukes and Mathias Triggs

'Welcome Madam, are you looking for anything in particular?'

In a jewellery store in central London,  a group of women try to flog diamante necklaces and snowflake brooches. With former flings, new romances, family clashes, babies and shoplifters all colliding together.


TV pilot on Amazon Prime

By Decoupage Ltd

'Who's Betty Fox?'

A group of desperate individuals hang together in a call centre in Leeds trying to convince the public to buy combi boilers and solar panels to save the world ... or are they trying to save themselves?



TV Pilot in development


By Cassandra Hodges 

'Feel within, give energy and positivity to the plants and they will give it back to you.'

After her mother's death, Gloria sets up a florists with her brother Hugo in North London. She decides to run a flower therapy course, but will she feel better or is it just a cry for help?

Web series on YouTube

by Cassandra Hodges and Mathias Triggs

'You're my number one client.'


A lockdown web series based on a dreadful entertainment agency - being a successful actor, writer, director or agent through a global pandemic isn't easy. Will a zoom production of Cabaret save the day? 

Faces of the Dead Film Poster A3.jpg

Faces of THE DEAD

Award winning short film

by John Foster

'Sketching murder victims....nice?'
A forensic artist must draw the face of a cold case victim, but first she must connect with the serial killer who the victim last saw.

Official selection at Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, Independant Shorts Awards, London International Monthly Film Festival, Art Film Awards, Manchester Lift Off Festival, London Short Series Festival and awarded an Honourable Mention for Best Crime Drama at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles.

TV Pilot in development


Written by Carly Jukes and Mathias Triggs

'Every child is different Hazel, some need a bit more help than others.'

Set in a children's centre run by two very different sisters Ruth and Naomi, we see the underlying drama and joy that go hand in hand with working in childcare.